Buyers & Investors

Zarian caters to the intelligence and preferences of its Buyers with an array of services and evaluation tools to create synchronicity.

Sell your Business

Zarian powers business resales by emphasizing the "Factors of Distinction"​ when positioning a business for resale.

Franchise your Business

The most intelligent way to create wealth with your business is to franchise your concept and receive ongoing royalties from hundreds of stores.

Next Steps

Zarian Firm is a leader in Business Brokers.  We broker deals for Businesses of all types and sizes.  We can help you sell your business or franchise.  We can also help you find a business of Franchise that fit's your needs.  It's simple.  Contact us today to so we can learn more about your needs.   Zarian Firm is committed to assisting investors and sellers in making the best decisions for their businesses.  It's what we do!