Zarian Firm International synchronizes intelligent investors with premium business opportunities.

Zarian Firm is not a clearing house for business sales. We validate each opportunity. After approving a business for resale, Zarian will:

  • Create a powerful presentation package based on each business’s Factor’s of Distinction.
  • Selectively validate Buyers that synchronize with the business’ results, opportunity and reach.
  • Respect the Seller’s desired outcomes during negotiations.
  • Manage and coordinate all of the details to close the transaction as fast as possible.
  • Provide services to intelligently protect Seller’s transaction proceeds.

Services Offered

For Buyers and Investors

Zarian Firm synchronizes intelligent Buyers with validated business opportunities. Zarian caters to the intelligence and individual preferences of its buyers with an array of services and evaluation tools to create the buyer’s true desired outcome.

For Sellers

Zarian reveals each business’ unique “Factors of Distinction” when positioning it for resale. These identifying factors give buyers essential optics into the unique value of the opportunity.

Zarian Firm founder, Holly Ford, is as an award winning franchise executive and developer. Her accolades include morphing a stagnant 25-year-old brand into a franchise 500 company. In less than 12 months she grew the franchise’s footprint by over 600% and increased the resale value by over 800%.  Ford trains all of her brokers with the correct optics to delve into a business’ real potential and real value.

As a speaker and trainer, Ford employs the rich resources and stunning business success of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Bert and John Jacobs (Life is Good), to inspire business owners to recognize and increase the value in their business.  In developing these strategies for success with owners, who each possess distinct competencies and personalities, Ford is adept at synchronizing her clients with businesses that coalesce well with their skills and preferences.


  • Member in Good Standing IBBA
  • Award-Winning Franchise Developer
  • Senior Franchise Advisor – The Franchise Consulting Company
  • International Telly Award

Next Steps…

Learn more about your own interests by taking our Business Synchronicity Self assessment tool.  At the end of the evaluation, you will be immediately provided with a detailed assessment of your own business wants and needs in a downloadable PDF Format.  IT’s FREE!

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