The Advantages of a seasonal business

These can be tax businesses, educational tutoring, lawn care and even our example for today Santa Clause. Santa’s work is distinctly seasonal. He works one day a year and has 364 off days. He then has others doing the work behind the scenes while he recoups in Tahiti for the rest of the year. Yes Tahiti, In Tahiti he makes cash managing weight-loss seminars and running yoga classes on the beaches.

But since there’s really only one Santa, lets look at some other seasonal opportunities: Tax businesses generally run strong from January through May Lawn care and landscape design depending on the geography April through September, Educational tutoring and pool management during summer months, just to name a few of the many seasonal businesses available.

Obviously these businesses attract retirees and educators. But these businesses can be owner-operated or even semi-to absentee managed giving the owner a strong additional stream of revenue.

If you would like to learn more about being Santa, or learning about what seasonal businesses can bolster your bank account, email me at

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