She’s got Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes -Women in Franchising

In 1986 just a little over 3 decades ago, women business owners were extremely rare.

But with the private and government sectors both simultaneously addressing the issue,
women now have a strong presence in every business segment including ownership of
Fortune 500 Companies.

This decade now boasts 11.6 million firms that are owned by women. But despite this
phenomenal growth, Women-run businesses still only earn just 25 cents for every dollar
of their male counterparts.

But franchising is different. Women purchase a structured business with standard
pricing and equal expenses. The often male referral network now falls to the shadow of
consumer demand for the franchised product.

Today women own over 27% of all franchises! Listen to my segment on Thursday
December 6th on Pillars of Franchising to hear more!

Listen to the Segment Here:

(Also Guest Host During Show Hour Listen to the Entire Show Here!)


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