Find a Franchise - 4 Steps to Franchise Ownership



Step 1. Discover

  • Identify your skills and 'business fit'  - feel free to use this tool - it is used by fortune 500 companies as well as many franchisors. The results come to you immediately. ®Business Synchronicity Assessment
  • Email a brief list of short-term and long-term goals and outcomes


Step 2. Synchronize

  • Together we will review the information from Step 1 and go through specific questions to create a brief business plan.
  • Review the plan and begin the process of synchronizing your goals and expectations with only the best franchises.

Step 3. Select

  • I will present a targeted list of franchises based on Step 2 which we will review and discuss.
  • I will then introduce you to the executives at those franchises where you will begin an in-depth analysis.
  • You will meet the executives, validate with existing owners, and attend a discovery day.  I will continue to assist you through the process, with a list of important questions, how to present to the different franchises, validation questions, etc...

Step 4. Execute

  • I will outline the various avenues for funding your business and connect you with the 'good ones'.
  • I will review your selected franchise's FDD (Federal Disclosure Document) with you and, if needed, introduce you to any legal resources you may find beneficial.

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What they are saying....

"Holly is an expert in guiding her clients. She knows all of the details and steps that need to be taken. She has all the background and connections to take you from start to finish." 

— Brian O'Rear (Invested 72k; sold for $1.9mm)