Investing Retirement Money in a Business. That may seem counter-intuitive. The purpose of retirement money is usually to stop working right? But before you stop working, why not make your retirement money work a little harder for you?

With the volatility of the stock market and imminent interest rate hikes on the cover of virtually every financial report, the time is primed to eallocate those retirement funds into a business.

There are few ways to do that…
….as we discussed last week you can become an investment partner in an existing  franchise. Investment partners inject an amount of capital into the existing business for  the purpose of expansion. Owners get the advantage of increased revenue sooner and  investors can get a quick return on their capital. These deals can be structured in a number of ways including stock options, percentage of annual profits, or short-term repayment plans with a strong interest returns.

Another option is to invest retirement money into the purchase of an existing business or a New Franchise. There are many existing franchises that are Executive models. Meaning you have the option to hire a management team and have very little involvement in the administration and operation of the business.

If you’re interested in learning how you can find good investment opportunities or Executive franchise models – connect with me through the Pillar’s Blog or send me an email to ‘’

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